In addition to our bicycle programs, we also offer bicycle repairs and service.  We strive to provide short turnaround times to get you back to riding as soon as possible. So, don’t let broken chains, flat tires, bent wheel, or squeaky brakes stop you from enjoying your ride.


Whatever type of bicycle repair service you need, we’ve got you covered. Just stop in with your bike and we will provide a free estimate, or schedule an appointment today.




Standard Tune-Up: For multi speed, single speed, tandem, recumbent, & trike.


OverHaul: For multi speed and single speed.


Drive Chain Clean: Clean and lube of chain, cassette, and chainwheels.


Bike Builds: Box bike to ship, bike build (new from box), and custom builds.


Rim & Tires: Flat repair, new tire, tubeless setup, tubular tire install, wheel true, spoke replacement, wheel build, disassembly.





Brakes (Mechanical): General brake adjustments, caliper replacement, pad installation, cable/housing set installation.


Brakes (Hydraulic Disc): Install brakes pads, hydraulic bleed, brake system replacement, hydraulic hose replacement, rotor replacement, caliper adjustment.


Derailleurs: General derailleur adjustments, derailleur replacement, cable replacement, hanger alignment, cable/housing set installation.


Headsets: General headset adjustments, crown race installation (bare fork), headset installation (bare frame and complete install), headset overhaul.




Cranks: Crank arm installation, crank w/ bottom bracket installation, chain guide installation, chain ring replacement.


Bottom Bracket: Cup & lock-ring adjustments, installation, overhaul.


Hubs: Hub adjustments, overhaul, freehub replacement, and overhaul.


Chain and Cassette: Multi-speed and single speed chain replacement, freewheel and cassette installation.





On the Bars: Wrap bars, installation of bars, grips, stem, flat bar shifter, flat bar brake lever, brake/shift lever combo set, cross top brake lever.


Forks: Fork installation (also w/ brake), cut steerer tube (bare fork).

Suspension Fork: Basic service, complete rebuild.


Rear Suspension: Aircan service, complete rebuild (air), complete rebuild (coil).


Dropper Post: Standard rebuild, reverb overhaul.


Accessories: Installation of rear racks, computer (single and dual sensor), fender set, training wheels, mirror, child seat.


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